Stock Split Problems in Q2005

PROBLEM # 1: In two of my stocks which recently split two-for-one, it
appears that Quicken is splitting them twice for graphing purposes even
though I have only one transaction entry for each stock split. For
example, ConocoPhillips split two-for-one on 6/1/05. The share price
before the split was around $110 and around $55 after the split. These
original daily share prices are correctly shown in the "edit price
history" listing and they are correctly graphed when the "adjust for
split" is NOT checked. However, when the "adjust for split" IS checked
the Quicken graphs a value around $26 before the split and and $55
afterward, when it should be graphing around $55 before and after. The
same situation happened with Timberland which split two-for-one on
4/27/05. In other cases of stock splits in my portfolio, the graphing is
OK, so I cannot understand why only these two should have a problem.
PROBLEM # 2: When a stock splits, the value in the "Day Gain/Loss"
column for that stock is always incorrect showing a huge loss. However,
the following columns are correct: new number of shares, new share
price, day change in stock price, and percent day change in stock price.
I am running Q2005 Deluxe Release R 3.
Any suggestions?
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Bill R
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I have a problem similar to #1 above. PFE (I have that stock in multiple accounts) does not graph properly following the 1999 3:1 split. It appears to be splitting the price twice. The graph shows a price of 30 after the split. The price history properly shows a price of $90 before the split and $30 after (approximate numbers), however the graph shows a price of $10 before the split and $30 after the split (with the box checked to account for splits). I'm currently using Quicken version Rental Property Manager 2010.
I didn't see any answer to Bill's question above. Can anyone help?
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One thing to look for is a Quicken split transaction, for the security in question, with a transaction date different than the actual split date.
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John Pollard
?Hi, John.
My stocks haven't needed to split in a few years. :>( But when they did in the past, I never did manage to get the split date recorded properly to have Quicken produce a smooth graph of the value. And changing the date by a day or two, forward or back, didn't help. While the numbers in net worth were correct, the graph always showed a sharp "V" shaped dip on or about the date of the split - or a sharp spike. It leveled out immediately, of course, but that one-day plunge or spike always looked weird. I would get either half the shares at the new low price, or double the shares at the old high price. :>(
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R. C. White
Some of that spikyness may get levelled out if you put a check mark in the "Adjust for Split" option.
This (apparent duplicate splits) happened to me once, quite a while ago. I "solved" it by looking up the split date at Yahoo and changing the Quicken split transaction date to agree with the Yahoo date.
The conclusion I drew at the time was that Quicken keeps its own (internal) split dates, and if your split transaction has the same split date as Quicken, only one split is used. But it seems if the date of the split transaction is different by even one day, Quicken treats it as a separate split.
[Quicken even warns when it thinks a split transaction is missing ... and offers to enter it for you; so it definitely has split information separate from the split transactions in Quicken investment account registers.]
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John Pollard

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