When will 2008 expire

In the past, Intuit has killed earlier versions to force an upgrade.
IIRC, it's a three year cycle. But I haven't gotten any warnings yet
that my 2008 is about to stop working.
Anyone know what I should expect?
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Marc Auslander
?Hi, Marc.
Depends on your definition of a few terms, such as "expire", "killed", "force" and "stop working".
In the link that ps56k provided, one key paragraph says, "If you are currently using an older version of Quicken and do not need live support or services, your product will continue to work. In order to enjoy the full power of Quicken and maintain uninterrupted access to your services, we suggest you upgrade to the current version of Quicken.'
In other words, Quicken will continue to "work" indefinitely. From time to time, users report here that they are still using something like Quicken 2000 - or even an MS-DOS version. They no longer have Intuit support, but maybe they will never need it. They cannot download transactions or stock prices, but maybe they don't need that, either. (I used Quicken for several years before I started downloading transactions.)
But that link shows that support for those features ends on April 30 of each year for the third prior year version. Or, in Quicken-speak, "...the most current version of Quicken (currently Quicken 2011 for Windows and Quicken Essentials 2010 for Mac), plus the prior two versions, will be supported, subject to certain exceptions." Live support and download services for Quicken 2007 ended 5/30/2010; support for Quicken 2008 will end 4/30/2011, as I understand that. Except for those features, Quicken 2008 should continue to work indefinitely.
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R. C. White
as RC mentioned - the software itself is fine... BUT the key thing for some/most of us, is that the online downloading function stops working, which affects Stocks & Investment Portfolios along with anything in the Banking segment.
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"ps56k" wrote in news:i8sm6j$6fi$1 @news.eternal-september.org:
Not to mention TurboTax import
scott s. .
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scott s.
Like any of us really want to have to use Quicken support. This group is much better. Now, BillPay and downloads are an entirely different matter. For this I do pay to upgrade very 2 - 3 years.
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