Any good review sites for travel insurance?

We've just been trying to find a provider for annual travel insurance.
I am surprised that the quotes one can get from various comparison sites
seem to vary so much: for an annual policy for a couple for worldwide
travel including winter sports they range from around £100 to over £500.
What they cover differs a bit, but hardly seems to explain the huge
difference in prices. It doesn't look as if the market mechanism is
working at all well here.
One of the most important factors one would like to know is how the
company treats you when you need to claim. This is where it would be
good to have a review site with genuine user feedback. I've found one
or two sites with a small number of reviews of travel insurance, but
none them seem all that comprehensive or useful. I wonder if anyone
knows of a good site that I have missed?
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Clive Page
There's someone on the forum who says they're a claims handler at a major Florida hospital, so gets to deal with all the tourists and knows which underwriters pay up and which wriggle:
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11487 That post doesn't give specifics, but look for other posts by 'FH Brit' further down and in other threads where he does name names.
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