Travel insurance for terrorism

Not sure whether this is the best newsgroup?
I note that the Government and many news people recommend that we ensure
that our travel insurance covers us against terrorism, in particalar
against medical expenses if we are victims of terrorism, and also for
cancellation costs if the Foreign Office recommends against visiting the
country after the booking has been made.
However, WHICH? don't seem to state whether any of the policies in their
recent reports (June 2006 and October 2006) include cover for terrorism.
I have found it very difficult to identify ANY policies that actually
cover terrorism, despite the statement by the Association of British
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40&Menu_All=1,946,11 40&Child_IDB5) that half of the policies in the market cover terrorism. Apparently even the Direct line policy which covers cancellation due to Foreign office advice does not cover if this advice is due to terrorism.
The only policies I have found are from the British Insurance Brokers
Association, which just leads to an online black hole, and InsureandGo
which excludes anyone who has had psychiatric treatment (which must
exclude a large proportion of the population).
Can you please suggest any policies that cover terrorism, and whether
these can cover existing conditions?
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