Buying a new car?

I would suggest the furthest time away from new registrations eg Xmas for March ones etc. The quieter the salesroom is the more desperate the salesman will be to get his commission and the garage their targets. Eric
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Eric Jones
Just before the year model change is often a good time, as the dealers will want to clear their stocks of the old models, and also get rid of their demonstrators if you don't mind buying one with a few miles on it.
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Terry Harper

Agreed - unless you intend to keep it for a long time.
Quite a few of the massed produced cars can lose 50% within 12 months - mainly because they were very overpriced in the first place.
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Doug Ramage

Why do so many people seem to buy a new car only to trade it in within twelve months or so?
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Heh heh. My wife's beloved Granada is 17-years-old. It's going senile; the electric motors that control the height, rake and travel of the seats no longer remember their preset positions from one driver to another. The range meter sometimes gives improbable information, and the rear electric seats work only now and then. The roof is alarmingly sluggish without an occasional fix in the form of a squirt of WD40, but we love it.
Cost in 1988 was GBP24000. Value today: GBP700 if she's lucky.
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Fred wrote
Most Ford Direct cars, typically 9 months old, 10,000 miles, are ex-rental or fleet cars. Mine is. :) I imagine most of the
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