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Hi Looking to get a new Credit Card with a long Interest free purchase period...
I already have BarclayCard and a MorganStanleyCard
Looking for: Decent Online account features - not TOO bothered about paper billing, can come in handy sometimes i guess tho..? A nice looking card :)
I like the BarlcaydCard online account - its much better than Natwest Online Banking and Morgan Stanley - although you can (by choice) access MS with just 1 username/password. so its really quick...
Any tips? I am thinking of either Egg or RBOS - will their online banking be the same as Natwest? it looks similar, and same company and all that...
Not bothered about any fancy extras...unless their juicy..
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Has to be MINT mc2, coolest looking card there is, and 8 months interest free purchases. Then just move to another card with 6-9 months interest free balance transfers, sorted.
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Tom Robinson

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