Halifax Building Society Pathetic

A relative has almost opened an online ISA with Halifax.
Except she now has to take in some ID and proof of address to a branch.
I phoned to see if I can take in the ID as the relative works all week including Saturday (most weeks) . It is really difficult to go in to a branch - hence using the on-line system.
I phoned the branch, and yes, I can take the relevant ID information in - proof of identity and proof of address - on her behalf.
Here is the joke:
I cannot take her passport in - as they could not prove her identity because the photo would not be a likeness of me. BUT I can take in a letter from the benefits agency showing that she receives child benefit as proof of identity.
Of course I cannot use that same document as proof of address - a utility bill will be needed for that.
Absolute nonsense.
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I found Halifax to be quite helpful when my teenage son opened an account there. As he did not have any bills, passport or a driving license they accepted alternative documents as proof of ID.
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Yes - I am OK with them doing that - it is just the crap rules and procedures they have in place.
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Post Office and ING refused my wife as they said she did not exist electronically. The Post Office branch accepted her ID with passport and Council Tax bill but head office didn't. She went back to the Post Office and after much conversation with head office the exasperated clerk said that I can assure you that she does exist and is standing in front of and I have her passport. She had an account with ING. When the bonus period ended they told her to close the account and reopen it three days later to again get the bonus.They then said that she did not exist electronically. Derek
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Derek F

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