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In the words of the previous government:
There is no money left. ;-)
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Gordon H

This. There is now only credit, ie negative money. So you need to switch to uk.-finance.
Alternatively, try eu.bailout, us.extra-marital-affair.distraction.con, imagine.there', or beans&bullets.preppers.fingers-crossed.
To be honest after five years of watching this fiscal and monetary illusion being perpetuated I go out of my way to avoid all things financial most of the time. I used to be disillusioned, but then the BoE printed enough illusion to bale me out and turn me back into a good little prole.
Or should that be pleb these days?
Andrew McP
PS On Watt's insurance payment question you'd expect a bank/credit card to have some kind of buffering in place, but these days credit card payments seem to get rejected at the drop of a hat, so it doesn't really surprise me if a transaction at an unusual time of day (for your charge history) was flagged.
I'm guessing that if it had been a DD form a normal bank account the procedures would have been more resilient, dealing with the downtime more elegantly. Either way it just seems like "one of those things" to me.
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Andrew MacPherson

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