CC Transaction failure caused by bank's system upgrade

My motor insurance was recently renewed, and my insurer was due to collect the premium from my Halifax Credit Card.
When they came to collect it, the transaction was refused with no reason stated despite everything being in order, and plenty of remaining credit limit. So I got a letter from my insurer telling me that payment was refused, and inviting me to sort it out PDQ in order to prevent the policy being cancelled.
I rang them and told them that there *shouldn't* be a problem. They said they would re-try the transaction - which they did, and it was ok the second time.
When I complained to Halifax they came up with a lame excuse that the transaction was presented at 5am - at a time when their system was undergoing an upgrade. What sort of a reason is that?! Surely, any transactions arriving during an upgrade should be queued and carried out when the system is up again?
Anyone else had a similar problem? I wonder how common it is. If a motor insurance policy is cancelled for no good reason - other than a cock-up by a bank - the consequences could be dire.
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Roger Mills

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