probate value of UK 3 1/2 per cent. War Stock

I wonder if someone can advise me please?
I am valuing (for probate) a holding of UK 3 1/2 per cent. War Stock.". the certificate gives the nominal value of the holding in £ an p.
In the Stock Exchange Daily List (SEDL of 18/11/2003) I find "War 3 1/2 % Ln 1k sigma" with "quotation" £72.499-72.501.
But what does this mean? Surely £1 of war loan is not now worth £72. Does it mean about 72p by some convention?
Thanks for any light anyone can throw on this,
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Bitstring , from the wonderful person Robert said
Prices are quoted per £100 nominal face value. So yes, for £1, then 72p is the right answer. A few years back it was about 35p. 8>.
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