What is a 'settlement account' (re sharedealing via a UK bank)?

Some years ago, I opned a sharealing account with my bank. I don't think I ever used it. I have just looked at my accounts with this bank via their website. It has my sharedealing account balance as 0.00, but when I go into the sharedealing account it says "Available to invest: 10,500" That figure is under the heading "Settlement Account". I've googled, but I can't find any info on what a settlement account is. Is it some kind of credit account, where you can invest, using the bank's money (presumably at a rate of interest)? I can't even find any info on it at the bank's website.
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Al Shahadie
I think you'll find that they will allow you to buy shares up to this amoun t and that you are expected to settle the bill within (probably) 3 days.
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