Business Works 12 - Export data to QuickBooks Enterprise?

Yes, I'm in a small company that is STILL using Business Works 12. I'm going to be upgrading soon, most likely to Quickbooks Enterprise. My problem is that BW in its old age is getting a bit stubborn and doesn't
like to do some things. One of my main concerns right now is my ability to export my customer and inventory data so that it can be imported into the replacement software. I really don't feel like manually entering over 16,000 inventory items.
The export process appears simple enough. Just select the module i want to export from (GL, AR, AP, Inv, etc.) and from the menu, select 'Transfer' --> 'Eport' and then proceed through the resulting dialogue box.
The problem is, when everything is set in the dialog box, and i'm all ready to go. I hit the "Export..." button and nothing happens. NOTHING. Well, the button visually depresses and returns, but that's it. The computer doesn't seem to be processing anything. Waiting doesn't do any good. I've tried all kinds of combinations of settings in the dialogue box and none of that seems to matter. I'm totally mystified as to what is going on.
The same thing occurs in all modules. Has anyone run into this before? Any ideas on how to proceed, or alternative methods of extracting my data in a manner that will allow it to be imported to QuickBooks?
The software is so old i'm having a very hard time finding people who can help me with it.
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