Do accountants need files in QuickBook format?

What I have heard: accountants typically use "QuickBooks for Accountants," and as such accountants need files, from their clients, in QuickBook format.
Is that correct? If so, is there any way around QuickBooks? For example MS-Office accounting is supposed to save files in a form that is acceptable to accountants. If a client put his GL, and trial balance, into a correctly formatted ms-excel file, wouldn't that be just as easy to import?
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"walterbyrd" wrote
It depends on what you want the accountant to do with the data.
If it's just for tax preparation, maybe a paper print out is acceptable.
If you want them to massage the data (fix the screwups), then having it in a usable format is necessary, especially if the data is expansive.
You should try asking the accountant what they need to receive the data in (what format) for them to use.
There are several import / export capabilities with QB. Again, ask the accountant how they prefer to receive the data.
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Paul Thomas, CPA

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