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It seems both software have online features (and looks like MS Money kind of force you online). Is there anybody here happen to know a little more details about them? e.g. what portion of information is stored online and what is stored offline? Personally I think it's OK to just put the position online, but will have some concern if my credentials (user name / password etc) are stored online. Do you think I may be over worried?
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I don't keep any real information on line. I use Quicken to keep my portfolio, but no account numbers or heavens no passwords.
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Microsoft Money does not force you online. They only try to make it look that way so you'll look at their ads on the web.
Come to the newsgroup to get your questions answered. We're all volunteers there and most are not microsoft bigots. In fact many of us say publicly we'd jump to another program, if only we could find one worthwhile. So far, the threshold for moving from Money to Quicken is higher than the benefits of doing so, and the alternatives are few.
The corresponding quicken newsgroup is
You can search both on
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Thanks. I have posted my questions there.
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