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I posted this to the Peachtree Users web forum, but I'll do it here too to double my chances of getting some help :)
Had a customer order some product about 8 months ago. The invoice was paid. I have no open invoice for this customer any more. He's all paid up and current.
Got a call from that customer a few days ago and he asked if he could return the product. It was a for a customer of his who later decided he couldn't use it. (I sell to wholesalers) Normally I wouldn't take a return that old, but this is a pretty good customer, so we agreed that I'd apply it as a credit against future purchases.
I went to the Credit Memo screen, entered in the amount of product returned, filled out everything, and applied it to sales. (Since Invoice was greyed out, I assume because he currently has no outstanding unpaid invoices)
Now, however, the credit memo is showing up in my Aged Receivables as a negative amount.
This isn't a HUGE problem, but it does somewhat annoy me because (to me) the A/R is for showing my RECEIVABLE by age. Not receivables minus outstanding credits that may or may not be taken/used any time soon.
As it stands now, (and these numbers are for purposes of discussion only), say I have $10K in outstanding invoices, the A/R screen is showing that MINUS the $1K credit memo for a total of $9K outstanding. No big deal, I can mentally do the math to see that even though peachtree shows a total of $9K, I really have $10K in outstanding invoices. (For clarification, none of these outstanding invoices are related to the customer I did the credit memo for, these are all different customers)
But, what if, at some future date, I had ten or fifteen, or even fifty credit memos outstanding? I would have to do a lot of math to figure out what I'm owed since peachtree is messing it all up by subtracting my liablilites. I am interested in seeing the totals of my outstanding RECEIVABLES, not receivables minus credit memos.
Is there perhaps a different way I could handle this? I certainly want to keep track of the credit memos, but when I run my A/R report I am interested in seeing totals of the outstanding invoices. Perhaps a different report? Or maybe I need to do some sort of a custom report?
If anyone could help or offer some insight, I'd be most grateful.
Thanks in advance!
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Johann Beretta
You should be able to exclude credit memos from you receivables report, click preview before you run it and select "no" next credit memos in the filter tab.
I hope this helps.
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Yeah, I got that answer on the Peachtree Users forums. However, thanks for the tip here. I appreciate it!
On an unrelated note, if you are using your real email address here in usenet, I'd advise against it, or at least munge it up a bit, spammers collect email addresses from here (usenet) regularly.
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Johann Beretta

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