Incessant reading of config.ini file

the contents of the config.ini file from the server in a very tight loop. In our case, the request is repeated every 4 mS! This puts a big load on our network and server. This happens even when the program is idle. Has anyone else observed this (if you've enabled the local area network connection icon in your status area and it is forever blue, this may be happening to you too).
This unusual activity did not occur on previous versions of Peachtree we have used. It occurred when we took SR2, so we unistalled that and the problem went away. We recently had to take SR4 (2-3 included) because of the credit card processing feature change and this problem came right back. When it happened before I contacted tech support and basically they thought I was crazy and had no resolution except to uninstall it.
Our current is: Release: Peachtree Complete® Accounting 2006 (SR-4) Build:
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