Moving company data from trial folder to "lower level" 2008 version

I made the mistake of using all of the trials on the Peachtree 2008
download trial. I can't even find out which version I was using.
Peachtree really need to fix that. Anyway, I purchased Peachtree 2008
Complete Accounting thinking that I didn't really need all the bells
and whistles on the premium version. Low and behold, you can't
transfer data from a "higher" version to a "lower" version. Who knew?
Any and all replies are appreciated.
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You are correct that you can not downgrade from Premium to Complete accounting.
You might try reinstalling the trial version, perhaps on a different machine, and export the various data elements in your trial company file and import the data into complete accounting version. Look in the help file under Rebuild for the exact directions that you need to follow.
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