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am trying to find out what the payment history was for a particular invoice. The reason for this was that a customer of ours was sent an aging of their receivables back on 8/8/2006 which had listed a number of invoices that had been overpaid. They are claiming that these overpayments "dissapeared" when they were sent another aging report at a later date.
I cannot find anyway of viewing a payment history for these invoices so that i can research their question. The information must be in there somewhere, but i can't find it. Can anyone help please?
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There is no report that will give you this information directly.
I usually print out the customer ledger and start clicking on the individual receipts.
I would start by running the aged report for this customer for regular intervals (Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec) to narrow down when the credits "dissappeared". It sounds like someone "applied" the overpayments to invoices.
Once the timeframe is identified run the Cash Receipts Journal for that month and this will give you each payment and show the invoice(s) paid. Look for Receipts that have $0 for your cash account and/or Debits to the A/R account. These are signs that the customer credits have been applied to open invoices.
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select 'Customer Transaction History' which will give you exactly what you're looking for - a record of all receipts that were applied to a specifc invoice. We jumped from PT2004 to 2006, so I don't know if this is available in 2005, or if it was introduced in 2006
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Chad A. Gross [SBS-MVP]

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