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Could anyone suggest how to edit a receipt? I am using Peachtree First Accounting 2008.
I have been generating sample receipts by: 1) Opening "Customers and Sales" icon 2) Clicking "Receive Money" icon 3) Selecting "Receive Money from Customer" option 4) Entering data about donations received 5) Clicking the Receipt window's "Print" icon
This prints some information about the "customer" and the transaction, but nothing about my organization (we are a young nonprofit; I am the brand new treasurer). I would like to:
1. Change the field label "Customer Name" to "Donor Name" 2. Add information identifying for the recipient that the receipt comes from our organization ("Yessera", our address, "
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3. If possible, add a brief notation explaining that the receipt covers all donations by the donor for 2007, and thanking the donor for his/her support.
Thank you for any suggestions.
Barrett Sundberg
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Your options in First Accounting are extremely limited when it comes to Forms Design. The higher versions allow you to add, delete and modify fields, but not the First Accounting.
Diane Koers
Peachtree certified consultant
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Diane Koers

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