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I am new to this Peachtree users group and have a question regarding others' experiences with product capabilities (and limitations).
I am also the developer of an add-on product for process manufacturers. I have a chemicals customer that uses my product in a stand-alone fashion to formulate and blend products. They currently use DOS-based DacEasy as their business system. As my product currently integrates with Peachtree to manage raw and finished goods material definitions, I would like to see them move to the latest version of Peachtree if it is a viable option.
'Viable' is the operant word here. This company can be considered on the lower-end of the mid-market with respect to sales and operations. They have approximately 1300 raw materials, 2000 intermediate formulated assemblies, and 2200 end-item configurations. This translates to approximately 5700 items in the materials table in Peachtree. They also process 900-1000 sales orders per month with the average order containing 1.5 items.
My question is, "Can anyone on this group give testimony to a manufacturing company using Peachtree (any ver) to effectively handle this volume of business?"
With the migration to the Pervasive database, my instincts tell me that Peachtree should comfortably handle these volumes of data. While Pervasive is capable of handling such transaction volume, many of us know that poorly defined schemas can cripple the best RDBMS systems.
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