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Help with MWToolkit and importing data for invoicing.
I have been spending a little time looking over the manuals, but I just can't seem to figure it out. I need to get some external data into Peachtree without manual entry. Most likely it will be with ...
11 years ago
GST (5%) and PST (7.5%)
Hi everyone, I just wanted to clarify something, I can understand that we need to set up the taxes authorities first, then create taxes codes. But if we combine 2 taxes, we get: But what we need is...
12 years ago 5
Moving data
I want to move Peachtree data from a local drive to a network drive. What is the process for this. I tried it already but Peachtree would not open. The network drive is a shared data drive on a serv...
12 years ago 5
Progress billing
I do most of my progress billing in Peachtree, is there any forms that look or come close to the AIA G702 and G703 Form????
12 years ago 1
Zeroing customer credit balance
We have a few dormant customers with small credit balances. They keep showing up in our A/R and of course affect our A/R totals. How can we zero these out? What entries do we make in Peachtree? than...
12 years ago 4
2004 PCW update to 2006 PPA not happening
Question for the Experts ............................................. ;-) I have 2004 PCW data files that I have tried to update to 2006 PPA but have run into an unexplained failure. Using the 200...
12 years ago
default email address
I am trying to setup a default email so i can email invoices...It should be my outlook email but it is defaulting to my gmail. any advice.
12 years ago
Peachtree Editing Receipt
Could anyone suggest how to edit a receipt? I am using Peachtree First Accounting 2008. I have been generating sample receipts by: 1) Opening "Customers and Sales" icon 2) Clicking "Receive Money" ic...
12 years ago 1
writing checks field advance
Hello, I'm using Peach Complete 2007. I am entering checks from a bank statement using the Write Checks module. It stops in every field, which is a waste of time. After I change the date by entering t...
12 years ago
NEW BOOK--Start a QuickBooks Consulting Business or Bookkeeping/Accounting
"Successful QuickBooks Consulting: The Comprehensive Guide to Starting and Growing a QuickBooks Consulting Business" by Michelle L. Long, CPA, MBA or www.amazo...
12 years ago 1
Change default data directory in Peachtree 2008?
Want to move all my company data to a single location. How can I configure Peachtree Complete Accounting 2008 to point to a different location to look for company data when it opens up?
12 years ago 2
PT 2004 / Vista
Hi all. I have a customer with a problem about which I lack experience that I trust may be a question of interest to this group. He can have PT 2004 installed on a Vista box networked to a WinXP fil...
12 years ago
Beginning Balances adjustments
I need to adjust a Health Insurance payment year-end balance down to include it on some W-2 forms, however whenever I set a value in the BEginning Balances field for specific employees the value is ...
12 years ago 1
Latest Build
Hi Phil, The change you made to CVS produces error now. 2007-12-22 22:03 UTC+0300 Phil Krylov * include/hbapi.h * include/hbexpra.c * include/hbexprb.c * include/hbexprop.h * include/simp...
12 years ago 1
Problem with customized reports not showing up.
History: My client uses Peachtree 08, upgraded from 07 etc. I recently installed a dedicated server to the network, installed PT on the server for dedicated server use, shared the Peachtree folder,...
12 years ago