Inventory Management

We have a store and warehouse. I am trying to manage inventory of both
locations. For example I have 200 widgets in the warehouse and 20 on the
showroom. I transfer 20 from the warehouse to the showroom. How can I track
both inventories? I've tried the offline inventory, but it transfers the
whole amount over to the main inventory. I've also tried transfer inventory,
but that doesn't track the warehouse inventory. Is there a way to manage
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We have a product called Multi Location [an addon to RMS] that can handle this. Please contact me for more information.
Afshin Alikhani - [ ] CEO - Retail Realm
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Afshin Alikhani
Our MultiLocation has the functionality you describe...see below Multi Location module expands the RMS Store Database to manage multiple stock and sales locations. This opens up the possibilities for a large RMS database to be used to manage inventory where a large store may have various locations and stock is kept and sold from a warehouse/and or back room environment. As an example, Furniture stores where multiple stores are in a logical networkable area, or any type of retail that is holding inventory in multiple physical locations and needs to sell from a consolidated inventory.
You can reach me at
Ian McLean
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Ian McLean

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