Need credit card receipt from thermal but using full page...

I am using a full page receipt for sales transactions using a laser printer.
However if the tender method is a credit card I want the signature page to
pring from the thermal receipt printer. Furthermore the thermal printer that
is a shared printer that several POS Stations will print to. Does anyone know
if this is possible and how to get it done? Thanks!
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It can be done, but it will be an imperfect solution.
You would need to edit the 40 column receipt template so that it basically ignored everything except for the CC slip. Then set the 40 column printer up as Receipt printer 2 in register properties and configure it to print after every transaction.
You will have to use Windows drivers to be able to share the printer and they tend to be somewhat slower than OPOS. That's probably acceptible.
The receipt printer is going to print a blank page for every transaction - including those that are not for credit card tender types. I'm not sure if this is going to be a very short bit of paper, or a long one. either way, this is the part that you will probably find unacceptible.
You could configure printer 2 to print only after prompting and train your cashiers to only print the receipt on credit card transactions, but unless you have very low volume, that is going to be a hassle.
Finally, you could configure printer 2 to journal receipts, but not to print automatically or promt the cashier. This would require the cashier to use the Reprint function to get the card slip.
Glenn Adams Tiber Creek Consulting
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Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]
I have been working on modifying my receipt templates lately. I have accomplished two things that were critical for my business.
First, I came up with a full page (80col) receipt that prints the correct text at the top right corner, based on tender type. For example, "Sales Receipt", "Invoice", "Refund", or "Credit Memo" as is appropriate. Also, I modified this receipt to automatically print a duplicate if any part of the transaction is tendered 'On Account'.
Next, I came up with a template that will probably solve your problem. It is a credit slip only template that I made from the original 40col receipt template. First, I removed all transaction details, leaving only the header, transaction totals, signature line, and footer. Then I made it so it only prints a receipt if the transaction is tendered with a credit card tender type.
It is a little complicated to explain how I modified the templates here, so please contact me via email if you are interested in either of these templates.
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I tried emailing you but the email bounced. I sent it to "" is that correct? Thanks!
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