Need help badly - IIAS in pharmacies using RMS

I work for a company that caters to independent pharmacies and a number of
our stores use RMS for the POS system. We learned for sure last week that
Microsoft isn't doing anything to help these stores with IIAS compliance for
flex card use. So, I have got to find a way to write an add-in that will
handle this. Here is a basic overview of the problem:
There are certain items that are flex card covered. Flex cards are debit
type cards that can be used for buying health care related items. They can't
be used to buy items like paper towel, candy bars, etc. So, what this means
is if someone comes up to the register to buy a prescription, a candy bar and
some tissues, the prescription is the only thing that is covered by the flex
card. So, the system needs to realize this and only allow the price of the
prescription to be tendered as flex, the rest of the items tendered as
another tender.
With that in mind, this is how the food stamp tender works, it recognizes
items flagged as food stampable, and will place that money amount if the food
stamp tender if you "+" for exact change on the food stamp tender.
Now, as I see it, I could used this flag to designate the flex items
"ignoring the food stampable label" and use that functionality to seperate
the money amounts. HOWEVER, I need to make the foodstamp tender act like a
debit tender. If I can do that, I believe the problem is handled. It isn't
really the "best" way to do it, but I think it could be done quickly.
I need help in making the foodstamp tender act like a debit tender. None of
the pharmacies we deal with accept foodstamps, so I won't be taking away a
feature by re-tasking the foodstamp tender to debit.
Any thoughts?
I appreciate all the help.
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Your thought process is correct. However, I am not clear the Flex Card does it require to be authoirised in similar way as a credit card? How do you know how much this customer is allowd to charge on Flex? Do you legally have to generate two invoice one for Flex and one for all other payment or can they be mixed?
Afshin Alikhani - Retail Realm
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Thank you for responding. The Flex card processes as a pin based debit card. It acts just like a debit card, the credit card/debit card processing company deals with the allowable amount that can be spent. The tender can be mixed in one sale, as a split tender.
Thanks again Gregg
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So this implies that you are dialling to a server some place and getting authorisation approved. So if this is the case the development becomes slightly different. 1- Define what items are coverd by IIAS (through a prices like voucher item) where you can identify the items either indevidually or as part of wizard by department, category or by a filter that may include supploer and sun=b descriotion etc... (this you had touched upon) 2- The actual tender will have to be a Tender Type Other. This will then need to be programmed to do the hand shake with IIAS server and get the authorisation done. After it depends how you want to treat the IIAS. i.e. a- reportig of what was authorised and what not b- report on what needsto be collected c- potentially controlling what has been collected
Let me know if you wish us to help you in this development.
Afshin Alikhai - Retail Realm = = = = = = = = =
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Do you mind if I e-mail to discuss details about this need?
Thanks so much Gregg
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Hi Gregg
Email me any time. I am based in California
Afshin Alikhani - Retail Realm
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Gregg, Contact Nova Libra they have a product in market that meets all the requirements.
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