SQL for Checking off Item is Available on the Website

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has an SQL out there to run so that a check mark will be placed on all my inventory items for "Item is Available on the Website. It's located on the Options Tab.
Right now, I'm creating very large matrix items where 150 to 200 items are being created due to Dimensions and right now I have to go into each item click on Options Tab and place a check mark in that box.
It's quite time consuming to do this one by one. Would anyone have any suggestions or help. I did a search of database but didn't come up with anything.
Thank you! Shannon
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Shannon - if you're sure ALL your items should be checkmarked for "available on web...", backup first then run
update item set webitem = 1
Hope this helps.....
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Hello, Thank you for the response. I'm going to ask if there is a way to filter it one more level. I did the SQL and it works great. The only issue when I run it...it appears to "touch" every item in my database (8000+ and growing). When I then want to upload this into my ecommerce site via Web Integrator...it reloads everything again over and over and not just the most recent items that were checked off. This is taking about 1 hour each time.
I noticed on the Inventory tab there is a "Date Created" field. I don't know what that field would be called on the back end but is there a way to run the SQL based on date created of current date.
Something like:
update item set webitem = 1 where datecreated = 5/17/2008 (or whatever the current date may be)
I'm just trying to check off items that were newly created on that date as opposed to going through the entire DB each time to touch every entry.
Thanks again! Shannon
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This will check all your items to be a webitem if they are not currently checked to be a webitem.
UPDATE Item SET WebItem = 1 WHERE WebItem 1
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