Condensing data in QB 2004

While trying to condense data as of 12/31/2006, I receive the
following message:
A data problem prevents QB from continuing.
Rebuild your data now. Close all windows and choose Utilities and
rebuild data from the file menu.
I have tried chosing specifics lists and leaving all blocks unchecked
for a default condense and get the same message each time. We have 5
users and our file has become unmanageable. We must condense. Any
one have a problem condensing data?
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Dumb question but did you try rebuilding your data? After you resolve your issue upgrade QB, the current version can handle larger databases much better than the antiquated version you are running.
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Haskel LaPort
Many QB gurus don't recommend using the Condense version. You are better off starting a brand new file with a 1/1/10 start date.
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There are also many who blow themselves up with as many innocent people as possible in this world so they can live in heaven with 26 virgins.
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Haskel LaPort

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