Quckbooks pro 2010/11 (Australian) upgrade - payroll

I am in Australia. I have Quickbooks Pro with the payroll. (I bought Pro version back in 2004 for invoicing, but never really used it. When I upgraded to 2008/9 I found if I downgraded my software I'd
loose my historical data, so I stayed with pro version)
Currently I use the payroll part for ~6 employees. When I purchased 2010/11 in May 2009, I got a free upgrade to 2011/12 and advantage subscription included. I waited until the end of financial year (30 June 2010) before looking at doing the upgrade to the 11/12 version. I have no real need (that I know of) for the 2011/12 version other than bug fixes if they are there.
What I would like is the new payroll tax tables that started 1 July 2011, but I think I have missed the boat as my Advantage support finished 21st June. Given the 2011/12 version was released / posted to me a while ago I gather the new tax tables won't be included on the CD. I also assume the 2012 won't give me access to the new tables (without paying the $700 for Advantage for the next 12mths)
So bottom line is, Is there any reason to install 2011/12 version?
I can get the tax calculations free each week from the Tax Office Utility on their web page (I use 64bit Windows & they don't have a download for 64bit). I can then just edit the payslips with the correct tax amounts.
Can anyone confirm my thinking on this is correct? Or have I missed something?
Sorry for anon email addy, just hate the spam news groups seem to generate.
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