Showing Custom Columns in a Report

I have add a couple of custom columns to our QB Basic Invoice.
Now I would to see that data Item by Item on the Sales Item by Detail
Am I missing something or is it impossible to do this?
thanks for any help - Will
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What are your custom fields? Are they associated with Items, or with Customers? Do you enter data in those fields on your Invoices? Do they appear in the Columns section of the Modify Report dialog?
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I added a column to the Invoice Form - For each item on the invoice we manually enter some data into this column to indicae the discount we allowed for the customer on the particular order.
Later we want to run sales reports for each individual item and see the results summarized by by discount... in other words...
Product A sales from 4/1/05 through 4/30/05
Qty List Discount Net 150 10.00 15% 8.50 975 10.00 20% 8.00 425 10.00 40% 6.00
I would also like to do this same thing for Rep... so that for each product on an invoice we could indicate an associate... In our business each product may have a different Rep... but an invoice may have a number of products... so we want to show the associated Rep in a column by each product.
Any suggestions would be helpful.
thanks - Will
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When you "added a column to the Invoice Form ", did you add the Other1 field or did you add a custom field you defined for Items.?
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Karl Irvin

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