Deleting old backup files

Is it safe/prudent to delete old copies of my Quicken backup files? If
so, how far back do I need to keep copies of the backup files? I need
to clean up some drive space, and I have old backup files dating back
almost two years. Do I need any of these that are older than, say 30
Thanks, Gordon
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Antares 531
Antares 531 wrote in news:
I keep mine about a month - or until I get the monthly statements from all my accounts and make sure everythng reconciles.
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Porter Smith
Thanks, this was what I was looking for. I have used MS Money for years, and am not fully adapted to Quicken. I'll try this backup copies limit and see if it will do what I want.
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Antares 531
When I want to free up space, I just burn the ones I want to delete to a CD.
Regards, Hank Arnold Microsoft MVP Windows Server - Directory Services
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