deleting certain backup files

Quicken 2006 in Windows XP.
1. I need to delete some Quicken backup files to make room for more.
However they are difficult to decipher because there seem to be multiple
files for each backup and they do not appear in order in Windows Explorer
when sorted by file date.
For instance there are multiple QTX files of the type "Quick Time Extension"
(presumably one for each backup, but these files are all dated the same date
"1/28/2005 10:10 pm". Do these belongs to older backups since I have no
other backup files of that date?
If I sort the backup files by file name, I get several files within the same
name group that have different file dates.
Is there a way to delete backup files as a group from within Quicken?
2. I also find I have a folder named "Q05Files". I am guessing that these
are backup files created when I (long ago) upgraded to Quicken 2006 and
therefore no longer need them. I presume I can safely delete these now to
make room. Am I correct?
There is a way to restore backups from within Quicken. Because of the
confusing file name structure and multiple files, there really ought to be a
way to delete a backup set from within Quicken to avoid deleting the wrong
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Because not all files in the fileset are modified each time you use Quicken.
Those are Quicken Tax Planner files; a part of your Quicken fileset if you use the Tax Planner.
File > File Operations > Delete
"Safe" is a relative concept. Hard to imagine one Quicken fileset taking up much room.
See above.
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John Pollard

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