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I recently installed Quicken Home & Business 2004 on a w2k machine.
Previously I have been running on a Windows ME box. Whenever I update
now it always takes me through the registration process with Quicken
online. I have to cancel out then I can update. I have checked all
settings and I cannot find where to disable the registration popup. It
did not do this on the ME box. Where do I change the setting so it
does not invoke the online registration process?
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John Callaway
From Quicken Matt in the Quicken Forums hosted by Intuit.
"Hold down the Ctrl + Shift keys on the keyboard, and go to the Online menu. From the Online menu choose One Step Update. After selecting One Step Update, with Ctrl + Shift still held down, you will receive a message that states, "You will no longer be prompted for registration." At this point registration is disabled and you will not receive any further messages regarding it. These instructions will work for Quicken 2003-2005. For Quicken 2001-2002 you will need to use the Finance menu instead of the Online menu. All other instructions are the same."
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John Pollard
I've always said that the easiest thing to do is register with phony information. There is no check done. It takes a few seconds and then it's done. Better, IMHO, than spending so much time on finding a work around...
Regards, Hank Arnold
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Hank Arnold
Here is an answer someone gave me for the same question and it works:
Hold down CTRL+SHIFT at the same time, click on the Online menu, choose "One Step Update" (while holding down CTRL+SHIFT). You should see a dialog appears which states that "you will no longer be prompted for registration".
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But not being registered, you probably won't have access to lots of features. Maybe you won't be able to update your stock prices! Be careful for what you wish.
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Boy, do they have you hooked!
Not true. I download with no problems and everything works fine. The only thing I do not get is Quicken's email ads.
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Well, I'm registered with Intuit as a Quicken user and I *never* get email ads. You're getting them some other way. If you don't want them, check if they allow unsubscribing.
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That's perfectly fine, but the question asked was simply, is there a way to disable the registration popups and there happens to be one.
Those who wish to register their names with Intuit can always do so (with real or fake data) and those who prefer to retain their privacy now also have that option. It's the American way.
There are also those who elect to trust putting their financial data on Quicken's website and those who prefer to keep it encrypted on their own PCs.......
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The good old American way. There is also the need to discern real from perceived threats and not to succumb to FUD.
Have you ever considered exactly what is uploaded to Quicken.com and how that could compromise your financial security? You upload an account name and an account balance or, for investment accounts, an account name, the securities and their holdings. No account numbers (unless one imbeds them in the account name), no social security numbers, no addresses. Just a list of stuff - the same as the lists you can keep/create on Yahoo and multiple other financial sites.
Have you ever heard of someone whose financial security/identity has been compromised from data stolen from such a list?
The data on your PC is a totally different matter. There you may have sensitive data that can be compromised, but the data on Quicken.com?
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"account name, the securities and their holdings". I hope not. At least not willingly.
I do not keep them there either.
Data mining consists of combinijng information from many lists and then you'ld be surprised what is known about many of us.
As you said, some upload their information onto Quicken.com. Many do not.
As I said, if one feels safe, go for it. Some of us are less trusting. Besides, I was just supplying information someone requested: specifically how to disable the registration prompt. Anyone who does not want to know how to do that does not need to do it. And you are correct, there may be excessive paranoia, but even paranoids have enemies.
Peace, my friend. Time to move on.
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Jeff: THANK YOU. I know this is an old post, but I had to re-install my quicken 2009. Old version but works great for my needs. The registration pop-up was driving me nuts. Other suggestions didn't work for me and yours did. Thanks again. Margie
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