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I know this has been covered here, but a fast look hasn't found it.
I'm using QB2006, and wonder whether I need to switch from TaxCut to
TurboTax this year in order to get a good discount on the latest Quicken
to continue to receive online services.
Is there a way to predict the month and year an older version will no
longer be supported? TIA!
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Cal Tinson
That's one way, I've used TaxCut but I found TurboTax easier. As always, YMMV.
From what I read you should be good for 3 years, you're probably going to need to upgrade next year.
FWIW, one poster here said when he could no longer get online services, he was sent a new version for free? I'd never heard of that but I wonder if maybe something like this happened?????? I have an account with UBS, formerly PaineWebber, and when I asked them to set me up for downloading they offered to send me Quicken or Money. Without thinking, I said I already had it but now I'm wondering if your financial institution originally provided you with Quicken maybe they would keep you updated? It makes some sense... So.... when you can no longer update, ask your financial institution if they'll provide you with Quicken, it never hurts to ask!
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