How can I import a manually created QFX file into my Quicken 401(k) account?

I used a file conversion tool to be able to create a QFX from an Excel spreadsheet.
Great! But it has a flaw...
That flaw is that Quicken will not allow me to import this file into my 401(k) account. It seems to block it. It will only allow me to import this into my checking, savings, or credit card account, but not my 401(k).
Is there anyway around this to get it to import into my 401(k) account?
P.S. - My 401(k) institution does not have an automatic download setup with Quicken.
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I think many of us would be interested in such a program. Is there any way to get it? I have someone else gathering the data into a table and I have to enter it myself. An excel source would be great. Someone may know of a fix for your 401k problem.
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John Polasek
Try generating a .qif file instead. Make it look like the "Direct Method" example on the Wikipedia QIF page
formatting link
. That page also has a lot of information on the QIF format which may be of value to you although there are QIF addons for Excel. Mike
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Mike Blake-Knox

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