Quicken 2011: Import from home-created file

What are my options for creating a file that Quicken 2011 will read?
I'm in the UK so there is no direct connection/download with Quicken available. I have written a program to parse my PDF statements and now have an in memory-map of all the transactions and their associated accounts. I had planned to just spit out a QIF file and then import, but I now find that Quicken 2011 will no longer import QIF. It says it does import a Web Connect file, which appears to be some OFX variant but requiring bank credentials etc.., which obviously with a home-grown file I don't have.
Can it take raw OFX? Any other ways of bringing things in?
Cheers, Ian
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Ian McCall
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? But be advised: QIF files are far from ideal means to get data into Quicken. And it gets worse, if you're trying to import non-US data into US versions of Quicken.
Three big hurdles are usually currency, dates, and transfers (though you may not have as big a concern with transfers, if you're source is PDF file data - chances are, PDF file data has no Quicken equivalent of a "transfer").
QIF files have no currency capability. And U.S. versions of Quicken generally assume QIF file dates are in U.S. format.
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John Pollard
I've been doing this for years and am currently using a Powershell script to get Square credit card transactions and deposits into Quicken and to import foreign stock prices into my American version of Quicken.
For the last few years, quicken has only allowed single account imports into a small number of account types. You have a number of options to enable imports into your "bank" accounts. Specifically, you can:
Import into "all accounts" and modify your QIF to supply the specific account name (I think of this as one of John Pollard's contributions to this group)
Make a dummy cash account, import your QIF file into that and then Move the transactions into the desired account.
Create a new bank account and Move transactions from your existing account into it. You can then just import subsequent transactions directly into this account. This sounds like an ideal solution for you as you know you can't download from your bank.
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Mike Blake-Knox

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