Installation Disaster

I purchased Quicken 2008 today, and installed it. It will not run. I
get the following error message:
"Instructions 0z02a5587c reference memory at 0z201133c24"
I have tried 6 reinstallations, after erasing the previous installation.
Nothing helps.I then removed the 2008 version, used my CD of the 2007
version, and guess what? It won't start either. Something about the
".exe not being configured properly. Reinstallation may correct this"
Well, it doesn't! So, as of the moment, I am without a working version
of Quicken. I have three copies of my data files, all backed up, but no
working program.
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John W. Barron
I agree with the other poster. That sounds like a problem with your software load or bad hardware, not necesssarily quicken.
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I'd suggest running some diagnostics on your machine, in particular a memory test (search for MemTest) and a hard disk scan. Quicken's not causing that error, something at the OS or hardware level is.
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Tracy McKibben
Joe - I don't think that's what the "other poster" meant. I believe he was inferring that if the OP had a program (like Goback) that allowed him to get back to the a previous well-installed/operating state, he could get out of the situation of not having ANY version of Quicken running. Of course, I could be wrong, but I think he was offering a bypass to the problem, not a reason for it.
To the OP = I think (if you Google the archives), there's some guiidance about some registry hacks or Quicken function (something like that) that effectively can get rid of any references to a previously installed version of the program; that might help if you can find it. I am sure others can post with more of a direct reference to what I am recalling.
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Joe - If you were referring to Tracy's post (which wasn't in my NG when I started; what I saw was your reply tied to the statement of "Do you have Norton Goback, or some kind of "revert to the last good point" software installed?" that Buck posted yesterday), I see what you now were referring to.
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It's a side thing, but are you sure about those memory addresses? They ought to start with "0x" not "0z" and be 8 characters long (your second one is 9). Also, what operating system are you using?
Anyway, you don't reference any specific error number (assuming one exists). But, from Intuit's site, here's the (badly formatted) text for "Resolving installation error 1638" (it might apply):
"Resolving installation error 1638 Answer
The 1638 error typically occurs when Quicken cannot uninstall the prior version of Quicken. To resolve this issue for computers running Microsoft® Windows® Vista or earlier versions of Windows, first uninstall Quicken using the Windows Control Panel, and then use the QcleanUI tool to remove the Quicken program files and Windows registry entries for Quicken. Your Quicken data file will not be removed. If you are concerned about your data, create a backup file before proceeding.
1. Close Quicken if it is running. 2. Uninstall Quicken from the Windows Control Panel: Note: It is important to attempt to uninstall via the Windows Control Panel before using QcleanUI. 1. Windows Vista: Click the Start button, click Control Panel > Programs, and then click Programs and Features. Select Quicken, and then click Uninstall. 2. Windows XP: Click the Start button, click Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. Select Quicken, and then click Remove. 3. Click the QcleanUI.exe link below and save the file to a folder on your computer. 4. Click the MSIzap.exe link below and save the file to the same folder used in step 3. 5. Double-click the QcleanUI.exe file on your computer to run it. 6. Click Clean all versions. 7. Click Clean. 8. Click Quit. The Quit button will not be active until QcleanUI has completed removing Quicken from your computer. The removal process may take several minutes.
If QcleanUI does not remove Quicken:
1. Download the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility from the Microsoft support site. 2. Delete the Quicken shared folder: 1. Click the Windows Start button and select Computer. 2. Double-click Local Disk (C:). 3. Double-click ProgramData. 4. Double-click Intuit. 5. Right-click Quicken and select Delete. When asked if you are sure you want to move this folder to the recycle bin, click on Yes. (If asked to confirm this action, follow the prompts to complete the action.) 3. Restart your computer."
The links from that article didn't come over, so here's the link to Microsoft's "Windows Installer CleanUp Utility:"
formatting link
, and here's the one to Intuit's QcleanUI:
formatting link
88315877&p_olh=0. That last link probably won't work because of its length. But, you can always go to Intuit's site and search for "qcleanui".
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David A. Lessnau

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