Intuit Pulls Plug on Quicken Health

For those who haven't heard of this, QH was Intuit's first attempt at a web based business model. Theoretically, it wasn't a bad idea. Intuit would suck data in from various insurance companies, organize it and attempt to help consumers make sense of sometime cryptic EOBs, and provider invoices.
In reality, QH essentially duplicated the same information found on insurance company websites and didn't offer any compelling reason to use it.
Dear Valued Customer,
We're writing to let you know that Quicken Health Expense TrackerSM, available to you through, Cigna's customer website, will be discontinued as of December 10, 2012.
While we realize this is a change, we want to make the transition as smooth as possible. Here are some commonly asked questions and answers we think you'll find helpful:
1. Why is Quicken Health Expense Tracker going away?
Although this tool was a helpful way for you to organize and understand your claims, we found there is a greater need and opportunity for Intuit to help customers by improving the way you interact with your health care professionals online. As a result, we have decided to focus our resources on other tools that will support this need.
2. Can I still use Quicken Health Expense Tracker?
Yes. You can continue to use Quicken Health Expense Tracker through December 9, 2012. Beginning December 10, you will no longer be able to access the tool, and your account information will be permanently deleted from Quicken Health Expense Tracker.
3. I have past claims information stored in Quicken Health Expense Tracker. Will I lose this information?
You can access and download all of your historical claims data and payment information right to your personal computer before December 10. From the Quicken Health Expense Tracker home page, simply select "Download My Claims" under the "Get My Snapshot" heading. Follow the prompts to save your claims and payment history to your personal computer.
4. Is there a replacement for Quicken Health Expense Tracker?
Yes. offers a quick and easy way to manage your claims and account information. You can see important information about your claim - including claim status, and amount paid, pending or owed. You can also access your health account information and Explanation of Benefits from - giving you a complete view of your health care spending.
We thank you for your support of Quicken Health Expense Tracker. If you would like to provide your comments or ask a question regarding Quicken Health Expense Tracker, then please send your feedback to
Warwick Charlton Vice President, Intuit Health
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Not surprised. They long ago jettisoned any attempt to upgrade Quicken Medi= cal Expense Manager, which - in my recognizably small, humble, unimportant = world - I have found absolutely essential, particularly when dealing with t= he panoply of disfunctional medical provider billing services, and the insu= rance agencies involved. I guess. Sorry. It just bubbled up i= n me.....
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