Janus download list the wrong security.

In my One Step Update I have two Janus accounts.Each of the accounts has multiple 'funds' which are linked to more than one Quicken account. (Why I have the securities broken-out into multiple Quicken account is a long story.)
Last year it worked great! This year not so. The download was successful but when I go into the Quicken account I noticed the transmitted security description does not match up to the security in the Quicken account, at least for a few of my Quicken accounts. Some of them are fine.
For the ones that are incorrect, I enter the transaction by hand and delete the downloaded transaction. When I hit done, I get a message like ... the Quicken account balance for this account matches the information downloaded by Janus. That's great!
What's curious is, the transactions in error have correct security names but they are associated with other Quicken accounts. Has anyone seen anything like this?
Fred J.
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Fred Jacobowitz
Continuing -- I get something like this. New 12/17/2019 ReinvLg IRA-F JH Venture D RMJ 10.002 shares 480.57
In this case "IRA-F JH Venture D RMJ" that security is not in this QUICKEN account however it is in another Quicken account.
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