Payee Not Found

Using "find" in both the register and "write checks," I checked
for a payee without success (Q DLX, 2006). There is a check to that
payee in the register-I found it by doing a category report. Does
anyone know why this would happen and/or if it can be fixed?
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I did a fairly quick test of Find All in the register, Find in the register, Find in Write Checks, and Find from the Edit > Find & Replace menu. Found every payee I searched for. I don't recall anyone else mentioning having this problem.
Perhaps you had some unprintable character(s) in the payee name which prevented a match; you could try blanking out the entire payee name in the transaction, entering the name again, and doing another find. Also double check the report you ran and be sure the payee you found there was in the same account where you did the finds.
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John Pollard
Curious. I tried it again in register, without success. Then tried it in write checks, with success! Then back to register, with success! Previously, Quickfill wasn't working, now it is. It's not like it's a complicated name--Oxfam, and it's a function I use all the time, although this may have been the first attempt with 2006.
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This happened to me on several occasions w/05 P. As suddenly as it stopped working, it started again. Have not seen the same behavior in 06 P.
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