Rewards CCs & Chase Free Checking?? Also Quicken Direct Download

Does anyone out there have a Chase Free Checking account? I have a Chase rewards VISA that pays 5% on certain purchases and 1% on everything else. A few months ago, Chase sent me the usual slew of cash
advance checks that I just shred. But inside was a coupon for $125 cash reward for opening a chase free checking account with direct deposit. (Have to keep the account open for at least six months.) Anyway, I signed up and thought I might do more banking ultimately at Chase than at my credit union. Well, now that I look more closely at the details, I see that Chase *may* charge me $3.00 per ACH transaction. AFAIC this really stinks, because I do a lot of ACHing between online savings accounts, my credit union, etc. So, I'm wondering does anyone have this checking account, and does Chase charge for ACH transactions? If so, do they charge for ACH in/out or both?
Incidentally, my Chase VISA has free direct download into Quicken, because it was grandfathered in when Chase took over a previous card. Interestingly enough, it was very easy to set up direct download for my Chase checking account. When I asked the "banker" about this $9.95 Qdd fee discussed here previously, he said he'd never heard of such a thing. But on the Chase web site, it says if I close my Chase Quicken card account, I *may* be charged $9.95/mo for Qdd. I did have a Quicken credit card, but the account was closed long before Chase took it over.
Also, to use the $125 coupon, I had to go into a branch. The banker tried hard to sell me on a savings account that pays 0.15% interest and requires a $300 balance, or the monthly charge is $4.00!
Anyway, thx for any info you can provide.
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