unable to add account

I'm unable to add an account into Quicken. When I go into add account,
the add account screen comes up, then it goes back to the register,
then add account appears, then back to the register, then back to add
account, etc. - but quicken at this point is frozen, I have to end
Did a super validate / repair, no problems. Reinstalled, rebooted..
not sure what else to try? Any suggestions? Quicken 2019 R20.15 build
Thanks. :)
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Evan Platt
On Sun, 21 Jul 2019 05:13:03 -0700, Evan Platt
I can now get beyond there, but when I go to add account, say I add Capital One, it pops up briefly the window saying to enter my username / password, but then the window becomes all white, no boxes.
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Evan Platt
Evan, this is a real shot in the dark, but my first reaction is a memory issue on your PC. Can you try rebooting your computer and try this again before running any other apps? As I said, a real shot in the dark.
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