A&L Premier Current Account Charges

I have a A&L Premier Current Account, the sort where you're obliged to
deposit at least £500 each month. Unfortunately some months ago I
stopped using the account, but instead of closing it I simply let it lie
dormant, forgetting I would then be liable for penalties.
Hence I recently realised that A&L have been happily deducting £5 per
month from the account for the past several months.
Although I accept I am at fault and so am liable for these charges,
A&L's Terms and Conditions do state that before deducting any charges
they will "give you at least 14 days notice of the amount before doing
so". I received no such notifications, either by post or e-mail.
When I phoned one of their Customer Advisors to discuss this I was told
that, because it was an Internet-based account, the warning notices
would have been posted in my account page on their web site (and when I
checked there they were). She stated categorically that it was my
resposibility to log in to their site at regular intervals to see any
A&L's terms and conditions don't say *how* the 14-day warning notices
would be forwarded to the customer, but I don't understand why they
couldn't at least e-mail me the warning; they definitely have my e-mail
address because they use it for plenty of other stuff. Does A&L's means
of warning customers of charges seem reasonable and is it the normal
practise for Internet banks?
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