Automated telephone systems

I had trouble with my debit card so I phoned the Co-op bank to get a replacement.
I get the automated telephone answering service. "Please enter your account number" - Entered "Please enter your sort code" - Entered "Please enter ......" - Entered
Here is your balance Press 1 to... Press 2 to...
All the options are not what I want and only result in more automated responses.
Press star to get back to main menu.
It doesn't - it just tells you that you can get all the options that you have just escaped from.
Phone up again.
Ignore the instruction to enter any information. The automated system waits 15 seconds and then says "If you want to report a stolen or lost card press ..."
The automated system again waits a long period before giving more options. I select one of them.
If you have an Co-op account press 1 - big mistake if you do this "Please enter your account number" etc. and stuck back in the initial endless loop.
Third phone call but to speak to anyone you have to pretend that you DON'T have an account.
And they call this CUSTOMER service.
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IMHO The Coop bank has completely lost the plot. I used them for many many years but had to leave due to dreadful customer (dis)service.
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