credit card admin telling the truth?

i recently bought a fridge freezer from a store with their store credit card.
I phoned up later to transfer the money for the purchase into that credit card from a debit card from a building society.
when i phoned the credit card company to make the payement, she said the cost of the fridge although on the system had not been taken out of the credit card and to pay it in now would put the card in credit.
" could you ring back later ?". i said its not convenient and i want to pay it in now whilst i still have the money.
she said if the card has that credit in and its stolen or lost, then i will be liable.
Is there any truth in what she told me?
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john east
" could you ring back later ?". i said its not convenient and i
She may be correct, but you can only know for sure by looking at the terms & conditions of your credit card.
Something else you may need to consider is the liability of the credit card company if the fridge should prove faulty. Normally if you obtain goods on credit the supplier and the credit provider are jointly liable for any problems. If your card had a credit balance on it when the transaction is debited and the purchase doesn't cause the account to go into debit then its possible you may lose that protection.
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Chris Blunt

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