Current account with *no* overdraft

I'm after a current account that I can withdraw cash from only whilst there is enough money in the account to cover the withdrawal.
I asked my current bank to set up a current account with no overdraft for me, but it turns out they'll still let me withdraw money even if the account has none, and then hit with me unauthorised overdraft charges! The bank concerned have been a bit inept in dealing with it, but they've now refunded most of the charges, and accept that they can't offer what I'm after.
Can anyone recommend a bank/account type that will do what I want?
Thanks in advance.
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Colin Macdonald

benefits etc to those who did not have an account). They do not offer cheque books or overdrafts but usually have cashpoint cards (sometimes that only works in their own Bank's machines) and direct debits and standing order. To get one of these you would probably have to open a new account either at the bank your are with now or with a new bank. Care mind some have a 3 strike and you are out policy ie if they bounce a standing order or direct debit 3 times they will ask to close the account. Eric
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Eric Jones
"Colin Macdonald" writed in news:Ks9Kc.27779$ snipped-for-privacy@fe2.news.blueyonder.co.uk:
I've recently opened a Citibank internet only account (no cheque book - but with a Delta card) with no overdraft facility. They gave me 25 for opening the account.
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Mike Gayler

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