Euro coins to Sterling?

Is it possible to change ?1 and ?2 coins (i.e. not just notes) into pounds sterling at high street foreign currency exchanges such as Thomas Cook or Lunn Poly? If so, is there a minimum amount or extra charge?
Thanks in advance.
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money changers usually do not deal with coins
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It is up to each bureau de change to set their own policies on this. You might be very lucky and find one here who will take them, but most prefer to deal only in foreign currency notes. Of course if you were in another country, the tables would be turned - they would happily accept Euro coins, but not UK ones.
Consider keeping them in a drawer until your next trip or changing them with a friend who is going away. I used to work in Corfu and often used to change my salary into sterling with visiting Brits. We just used a rate between the buying/selling rates shown in banks and everyone was happy.
If you keep changing money backwards and forwards in bureaux de change there will be less left for you.
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