Independent Banking Advisory Service

Has anyone had any experience using this service or any similiar?
Seem keen to want a help but want to charge up front which leaves me a
bit suspicous.
Any info would be appreciated
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Eddie Wetherall is an absolutely straight guy. He set up IBAS following an extremely messy case with one of the major banks. He is example of how one man, not forgetting his wife, can put a hefty old spoke in corporate wheels. About three years ago a big merger notion was being entertained by two large financial institutions with a joint value of, wait for it, in excess of GBP10 billion! The proposal was referred to Miss Hewett, the minister responsible. Eddie submitted to her a detailed report that spelt out why the merger was not in the public interest. Amazingly and probably gratifying for Eddie, Miss Hewett vetoed the plan and cited chunks of Eddie's report in her adjudication.
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In message , JF writes
I wouldnt trust any site that fails to fulfil the basic elementary rules relating to disclosure of trade names. I cant find anywhere on the site where the individuals behind it are properly named, but I will gladly be corrected in this regard.
I find it rather strange that a business that claims to be correcting the wrongs of others makes such an elementary mistake.
James, you have twice recommended the site. Whats your connection?
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john boyle
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Five years ago the Wetheralls asked if I might do an editorial/re-write job on an MS they had produced concerning their battle with the major bank. It was a fascinating, sobering story with cliff-hanging court verdicts etc and would've made an excellent 50-minute dramatised TV story. But it needed a TV treatment approach and at the time I was undergoing a series of eye operations and couldn't tackle it.
I've never met Eddie but our discussions, and his MS, were enough to convince me that he was a genuine guy. As with anyone embroiled in long legal battles, he became well-versed in the law relating to his problem area with the bank and set up the IBAS with the object of helping others.
He was the first to warn me about a crooked 'film producer' who was trying to secure long term options on some of my stuff and use the options, and my name, to gain credence for his attempts to raise the finance for movies that he had no intention of making. It was an incredible confidence operation with a fake website, doctored faxes, minutes of meetings that had never taken place etc. I swallowed my pride and gave an interview on 'Watchdog' spelling out how I had nearly been conned. I think a scour of the BBC's website might reveal the sordid details. Names such Robin Price and Media Arts International might help.
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