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I recently applied for a Nationwide BS Credit Card, I have no adverse credit, earn a vg salary, own home etc. My other CC has an outstanding balance of 5000 which I intended to transfer to the Nationwide card. My credit file shows no credit history at all.
They told me that they would give a decision within 5 working days. Does this mean that I will be declined? as they advertise an online decision.
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Richard Boyce
I just applied for a FlexAccount with Nationwide and got offered a credit card as well with a limit of 3.6K. Paperwork is on it's way in the post for signing.
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Is your address simple? For example 5 High Street, Newtown, AB1 2CD
I used to live at an address which was more like: 2 Olde Cottages, High Street...
This would never go straight through on the credit checking computer, however they spelt Olde. As a result I always had to wait.
It worked out well though - when I had to wait for my mobile phone contract to be approved they gave me international roaming and removed the international barring immediately - without a deposit.
Since I moved (just over a year ago) it has not been much of a problem - however one CC company was not able to give online approval - I assume because they were checking this address by hand. I was "referred to the underwriters". Approval came through in about 5 days by post - and it was the highest credit limit I have been offered all year.
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If you have applied online:
a) It will take about a week to get the paperwork back to you [ signature for the CC agreement ]. Then a week for the card to arrive with Credit Limit. Then the PIN later.
b) If you go online ( banking online - not the NWide website), there is a box at the top "Apply Online". This will update the progress of your application. However, information is sparse.
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The on-line decision was to ask you to wait for a decision!
e.g. Ing Direct currently advertise that you can open a savings account on-line in minutes. This must be bull**** as they will need to see proof of ID and address to comply with anti money laundering regulations.
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Jeremy Goff
They use the credit scoring system to check the electoral role, and setting up a direct debit checks you have a bank account in the correct name.
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