Re: Can you recommend a cheap(ish) share dealer?

I use IMIWEB, who were recently bought by Halifax. Charges are 10 for all trades in UK stocks. I've been using them for 18 months with no problems.
The only annoyance is they don't provide a live streaming price feed so I get that from ADVFN.
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Tiny Tim
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the £25-00 appears to refer to selling certificated shares of up to £2500-00 using their telephone service.
The two I use (both for certificated shares) are
a) Hargreaves Lansdown :-
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I occasionally use their telephone certificated service
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as their minimum charge is £15-00.
b) Abbey National :-
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I occasionally use their online certificated service as (unlike Hargreaves Lansdown and Halifax) this has a maximum charge (it's £39-50).
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i.e. Hargreaves Langston are cheaper for trades up to £3950. Abbey National are cheaper for trades over £3950.
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Bruce Robson
I use
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9.95 a trade plus 12.50 a qtr managment fee
Would highly recommend.
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Is there any online trading service that doesn't have this standing account management charge? I trade very infrequently and am in the process of closing my E*Trade account because I'm fed up with their £4.85 monthly charge. I'd like an alternative service to use for the odd occasions when I do want to trade.
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Chris Blunt

I dropped TD Waterhouse and their 10(?)GBP pcm charge for Comdirect, who don't charge at all, and even refunded the transfer out fee that TDW charged.
Best Regards, Alex.
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