Selling my back up of someone's crashed web site

I used to read a detailed blog but I got behind. To let me navigate it more quickly I downloaded the whole blog to my PC several months ago.
By chance, the author lost their whole blog and has not been able to restore it. So is it legit to sell my backup to them?
If not then I won't even bother mentioning it to them and after I have read it I could delete it.
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I agree! He takes advantage of someone else's work which was freely given and wants to either sell it back, or delete it. Such greed and nastiness.
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Leslie posted
It may or may not be legitimate to sell them the text itself, depending on the copyright situation. But you could offer them a backup copy, and ask payment for your time and trouble in providing it.
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Big Les Wade
Pretty sure they'd be happy for you to help them out, just ask!
If you're free to read it all, or have paid to read it all, I se no difference if you downloaded it first.
Also, the author is hardly likely to get upset and do you for copyright if you're helping him!
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James Wilkinson Sword

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