Successor to Ceefax/Teletext City pages: recommendations please

Now that analague Ceefax & Teletext are (progressively) disappearing (well, they've gone in my area), does anyone have a good recommendation for a website that carries the same sort of information (free or otherwise, as technically ceefax wasn't free: you needed a tv licence).
What I liked about the BBC2 or C4 City pages was a brief potted summary (on one page) of current news, market indices, exchange rates, and (on a separate page) risers & fallers.
I've come across
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for gainers and fallers, and there are other news summaries in various places (many of the broadsheet websites carry this, at present for free, but for how much longer???)
Ceefax/Teletext wasn't necessarily the bees-knees (especially compared to current websites) but it was cheap, quick, compact, and usually up-to-date, particularly before the widespread availability and increase of the web.
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